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What is the Virtual Therapist Network?

First and foremost, the Virtual Therapist Network is a HIPAA compliant audio and video portal for therapists, counselors / social workers, and life coaches, within the U.S. and Canada, to sign-up and immediately begin offering HIPAA secure online therapy, counseling, and life coaching to new and/or established clients via the Internet.

The Virtual Therapist Network is also a highly-ranked advertising platform that serves as a national directory of online therapists for clients, who are looking for help, to quickly find a therapist and book an online appointment.

Finally, the Virtual Therapist Network is an established Search Engine Optimized (SEO) blog that enables its counselor/therapist members to post short, but informative content to their account for the purpose of becoming highly indexed by the major search engines and attracting more potential clients to their own profile and website.

NOTE: The Virtual Therapist Network is not an employer or referral office. All online therapists listed on the Virtual Therapist Network are 100% independent business owners who retain full control over every aspect of their online therapy service(s) to include fees charged, payment arrangements, notes/record keeping, and availability to name just a few.

Online therapy sessions are conducted on the Virtual Therapist Network website using our secure and HIPAA compliant video system in conjunction with your webcam & microphone.

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100% Encrypted, HIPAA Compliant, & Private

HIPAA Compliant Online Therapy Video Sessions

We do NOT use Skype®. Instead, our website’s integrated video, audio, and chat system employs Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt both voice and video data. TLS enables you to comply with requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule for the transmission of patient health information over the Internet.

Furthermore, the Virtual Network Therapist does not monitor, view, record, or store any video, audio, or text chat anywhere at any time and was developed to be 100% confidential for online therapists and their clients.

† Skype is NOT HIPAA compliant. It’s NOT encrypted, secure, or private, and is regularly monitored.

† Learn more about our HIPAA compliance and encryption on our FAQ page

“I started my online practice with Virtual Therapist Network initially because of the very reasonable cost, but now it has become so much more than I originally imagined. Nothing happens right away with any new business, but I am in the process of creating a niche in my community by working online for the convenience of my face-to-face clients as well as the several local universities that are filled with young adults pushing their way through a strange new world socially and academically.

All hats off for VTN’s support person, Laura, who really helped out during a recent snafu with my client connecting due to a scheduling error on my part. Laura swooped in via the online chat system and managed my growing anxiety and my client’s confusion.Way to go Laura, and thanks to VTN for being available to assist at a moment’s notice.”

Online Therapist Susan R. Hansen, LCSW

A Lot More People & Opportunities for Online Therapists

U.S & Canada Flags

The Virtual Therapist Network can help create lots of opportunities for you that never existed before because of location and distance.

Now, with our integrated video system, you can provide HIPAA compliant online therapy to clients across the ENTIRE state or country. That’s a lot more potential clients!

Life coaching is another option for those who make a living coaching individuals.

This nationwide option is great for life coaches who receive specific requests for help outside their state due to their specialization.

Boost Your Clientele with Online Therapy

Grow Your Business Graph

Many potential clients are either apprehensive about face-to-face sessions, live too far away, or may even be suffering from an existing physical or mental health condition that makes it difficult or even impossible to leave their home.

When you join the Virtual Therapist Network, your services become available to an entirely new base of clients who are looking to find a therapist.

Furthermore, inclusion to our nationwide network, with its established online presence and advanced search features, means you can be found quickly by your locale, specialization(s), treatment orientation, credentials, and more.

Your Personal Advertising System

Personal Online Marketing Tool

The Virtual Therapist Network is more than just a portal for you to hold secure online therapy sessions with your clients. It’s also a nationwide advertising platform built specifically to help you get seen by potential clients and subsequently become more successful.

Have you considered having a website created and building an online presence? Although initially expensive, for a quality presence, having a website built isn’t terribly difficult.

On the other hand, maintaining a website with new content, social networking, advertising, and getting your website highly indexed on Google™, Yahoo!™, Bing™, and other search engines for keywords and longtail phrases is difficult, time consuming, and can be expensive.

When you join the Virtual Therapist Network, those daunting tasks are all done for you and you’ll have your own personal webpage on a highly indexed website with online appointment booking system, rating system, and personal blog to post professional articles immediately after your register.

Attention Star

That saves you a lot of time and money!

Build Credibility and Presence

As an online therapy provider, you can choose to write and post short professional articles to your VTN blog that help build your search engine rankings, drive more traffic directly to your profile or personal website, and enhance your professional credibility with potential clients.

Article & Blog writing can have a huge impact on your Internet presence and make it a lot easier for potential clients to find you when looking to find a therapist. Article writing will give you a guaranteed edge over others and can be used to your advantage with our full-featured blogging system.

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Online Therapy Appointment Scheduling

Online Booking

Every online therapist in our network has their own private & customizable booking calendar, so current and future clients can book online therapy appointments.

All that’s required of you is to set the days you’re available, the appointment times you’re accepting, and the length of each appointment.

Once set, clients viewing your online calendar will be able to book online appointments directly to your calendar, which will then generate a notification that is automatically sent to you by email.

Have you or your clients missed appointments in the past? Not anymore. Our scheduling system will also send you and your client an appointment reminder 24 hours in advance!

Online Therapy for Variety, Flexibility, and Options

Providing Better Service

Online therapy is a great adjunct to your face-to-face meetings and can offer your clients a variety that keeps them coming back.

Consider what just one or two additional online follow-up session each month with your current clients could mean for your business!

Imagine a more flexible schedule that allows you to meet your own personal and/or family commitments, get away from the office, or turn spare time into billable hours for clients who need therapy outside of normal business hours.

Online therapy gives you additional flexibility that directly translates to your bottom line. Now, clients don’t have to reschedule or cancel a regular standing appointment because they’re out of town and either do you!

Whatever the reason, online therapy can help both you and your clients overcome obstacles that would typically result in missed appointments.

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Reduce Your Overhead Costs

Reducing Overhead Costs

Many therapists are moving exclusively to online therapy. With the advantage of a much wider audience and no requirements to rent an office space, providing online therapy sessions can greatly reduce costs.

Furthermore, online therapy has been proven to have a much lower rate of missed appointments than face-to-face sessions and that not only reduces costs, but increases your revenue.

Payment and Payment Systems

PayPal Payment and Systems

Online therapy fees and session length are established by you. Payment types you accept (i.e. Credit Card, PayPal, Check, etc.), and sliding payment scale are all specified by you in your profile and can be seen by potential clients.

Billing for online therapy is completely between you and the client and typically done using PayPal,, or 2checkout.

Because there are no extra fees or commissions beyond our monthly membership cost, you keep 100% of what you earn.

How it Works in a Nutshell

How it Works

Once you’ve registered and paid for your account through PayPal, you’ll want to finalize your profile, add a photo, and personalize your booking calendar. Clients will then be able to find you using our advanced search feature, learn more about you, contact you, and schedule online appointments.

Once booked, you’ll have contact information for your client, which you can then use to send documents to (Informed Consent, etc.) prior to your session.

A few minutes before a scheduled appointment, simply login and click the My Appointments button on your profile page. Then, click the Go to Conference button for the day/time of your scheduled appointment and you’ll automatically be taken to your secure, online video session to meet with your client.

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Web-Based Client Charting for Mental Health Professionals

Online EMR Software System

For our members who want a low-cost alternative to expensive EMR systems, we also offer our own MHR Network portal.

Our MHR Network is a HIPAA-compliant, web-based client management and charting system built specifically for solo therapists and small offices and clinics.

Our MHR Network system is user-friendly, featureful, and refreshingly affordable.

Join the MHR Network and your Virtual Therapist Network account is free!

To learn more, go to the MHR Network website for more information.

Does Online Therapy work?


Online therapy sessions are well established as an effective, efficient, and convenient way for clients to access therapy services from the comfort of their own homes.

Online therapy has also been well researched, proven, and documented to be just as effective as face-to-face sessions. There is extensive literature that has identified a range of benefits compared to office based sessions.

“I was very satisfied today with my first online session using the Virtual Therapist Network. My earlier experience with online therapy was challenged with technical difficulties. Laura (online support chat) guided me through the details of scheduling my first session. Michael even offered to remotely login to my computer and fix a problem I was having before my first session. Their response, patience, and skill were TOPS and the online chat they use for support is MOST convenient!

I felt my client’s concerns about an online session were quickly alleviated once we started and she was effectively supported. I am most appreciative of the Virtual Therapist Network, the staff support, and the simplicity as well as functionality of the system.”

Online Therapist Angela Ray Smith, LPC, TRICARE CMHC

What Education, Certificates, or Licenses are Required to Register?


The Virtual Therapist Network is an online therapy site for therapists, counselors, and life-coaches. Because life-coaching does not require any specialized training and/or license, anyone can register.

However, patient members are reminded, before every scheduled online therapy session, to request proof of your credentials if they have not done so before.

Therefore, if you register as an online therapist or counselor and post higher education/training credentials in your public profile, you must be willing to show proof to any patient member who asks for it prior to or during a scheduled appointment.

If you are unsure of your state’s licensing requirements (therapists/counselors) you are highly encouraged to speak with someone who is (i.e. professor, supervisor, colleague, state governemnt official, etc.).

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** After your first MHR Network payment, email us for a full refund. In addition to your refund, we’ll then convert your paid account to a free account, which is good as long as your MHR Network account remains in good standing.

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