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Marnie Matthews


I count Marnie Matthews in my life as one of my blessings. After decades of trying to heal my 'excessive stuff' illness, meeting Marnie Matthews; and participating in the programs at NSCHC that she initiated and managed; I have a glimmer of hope for my ability to shape my future, by learning to UNlearn a lifetime of behaviors, beliefs and habits. - Charlestown, MA


Being part of Marnie’s group that is sharing the same problem, helped me to realize I needed to take action. I was not happy with my surroundings. In time, I was able to make progress … one small step at a time. Being recognized by the group of my small steps helped me to keep me going.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel.  - Lynnfield, MA


I have been enjoying having a love affair with my stuff, but the time has come for a separation. The sessions with Marnie have been a big help in teaching me why I keep stuff and how to sort and eliminate. Thank You! - Lee from Peabody, MA

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