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Insightful, compassionate, and creative, Judith Zur is a wonderful therapist. I worked with her for about a year and a half, and she helped me more than any other therapist I've seen in my life.  I did both individual sessions with her, focusing on childhood and family trauma, and couples sessions with my partner.  These are areas in which I think Judith is especially skilled.

We focused at first on my family and childhood issues, and she helped me to understand my past experiences in a new way that helps me to release the blame, guilt and shame that were plaguing me. We examined how those issues affected me in my present day, and how I could change my patterns and responses to triggers. This has helped me immensely. Before, I went through life with so many toxic emotions surrounding self-esteem and not feeling loved. Judith helped me to see the old beliefs and how they played out in my life better than any book I've read, any workshop I've attended, or any other therapist.

The couples sessions saved my relationship with my partner. Neither of us had experienced healthy home lives and had no model to emulate. She helped us so much communicate more effectively. I feel so very happy and grateful to be in a healthy relationship, and a large part of that is the therapy we went to.

Overall, I highly recommend Judith as a therapist. She is truly a gifted healer.


It's always so hard to find a good therapist who you feel connected to and who listens well. I found Dr. Judith Zur online and somewhat by accident. I was always so impressed by how attentively she listened to our marital issues, and how she helped us create patterns for better understanding and communication. I highly recommend her.  I am very grateful for the help she gave me and my husband during sessions.


We are a cross cultural couple and came to Dr. Zur with issues of anger, frustration, and lack of communication that escalated to physical and verbal abuse. Through therapy with Dr. Zur, we learned to understand each other better, be empathic, and acquired tools to communicate and deal with conflict better. We felt very comfortable with her style and neutrality. Before our first session, I was very skeptical of going to yet another therapist. But when I met her, I saw warmth, like a spark in her face, that and her smile helped me to connect and open up.

We have recommended Dr. Zur many times as she helped us so much. Our children are happier too because there is a different energy in our home.

We are very thankful that when we had issues that we considered urgent, Dr. Zur took the time to listen to us. During our sessions, it never felt as if the clock was regulating our session or even the number of sessions. It was always a more human feeling when meeting with Dr. Zur.


Dr. Zur was extremely caring during our conversation. She genuinely wanted to help and was very resourceful. Thank you for being on top of my needs and for your professionalism. I highly recommend you.


Dr. Zur is just wonderful. When I was in my darkest times she helped pull me out. She was very patient and understanding. She gave me wonderful advice to help resolve my current situations. I felt that she truly cared about my well being. You can tell she is very well educated with lots of experience and was willing to try different techniques that would personally work for me. I would definitely recommend her!!


Thanks to Dr. Zur, I am a firm believer in the power of counseling, even if there aren't any immediate issues requiring resolution. Dr. Zur challenged us to continually improve our communication skills, and create goals - both personal and as a couple.

Simply stated, counseling with Dr. Zur is good. She brings knowledge and experience to the table, and inspires those around her to become better partners and people themselves. My wife and I are very grateful to have worked with Dr. Zur and continue to this day to implement the many concepts which she empowered us with.

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