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Jayne Chianelli


Jayne is absolutely wonderful and I couldn't ask for a better counselor. - A.M.


Jayne has been wonderful. I've never spoken to a counselor before, but her wise words and kind manner has allowed me to process and analyze my situation and actions rationally, without feeling guilty or shamed. I'd highly recommend Jayne to any of my friends (and already have!). - J.E.


Jayne always had a very down-to-earth approach that put me at ease and helped me to open up and get out what is inside. She listened intently to everything I said and responded in a caring and thorough way. It was amazing how quickly Jayne could help me to feel 'rehabilitated' by striking the perfect balance between providing an open space for me to vent, along with good advice where it was called for. - A.N.


Jayne is such a big help! She is so supportive, non-judgmental, and easy to talk to, I felt like I could share anything with her from the very first message. I'd recommend her to anyone struggling with self-esteem or anxiety issues. - N.I.

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