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Wize Therapy

The field of Psychology continues to debate the power of thoughts versus feelings and from whence they arise. The Cognitive therapists work on thought patterns and Somatic psychologists focus on physical sensations. Some clinicians still don’t agree on where thoughts and feelings come from. Some think that thoughts create feelings or feelings create thoughts.

I think of it this way: thoughts (ideas, visions, insights, theories) belong to the Mind and feelings (sensations, tension, emotions, movement) belong to the Body. These languages co-exist, co-arise and co-operate in an utterly integrated fashion.

Approaching the human experience from a Body/Mind framework requires an Integrative or Wize Therapy model. I listen to what the body and the mind are saying, noting when they are aligned and opposed. Both are equally important and require equal attention. There are times when the mind might need more space for clearing or the body might need more room for calming and settling in order to move forward. We are always oscillating back and forth between the messages offered by the Body and the Mind.

Not only are the distinct and essential languages of the Body and Mind necessary to healing and growth, so it the language of Spirit and the unique ways in inhabits each individual. Spirit speaks through art, music, spontaneous expression, the enjoyment of beauty and stillness. Spirit is the ever-present Witness to the phenomena of Body/Mind. Spirit is our connection to the Divine and our connections to everything (since everything has a little bit of Divine in it). Spirit is essential to healing and progress because it is the one, unchanging thing about us that we can always rely upon, always return to and remember when we are lost and forget who we really are.

Wize Therapy weaves together these various aspects of your human experience so that you gain clarity, insight, compassion and Awareness of yourself and the world. Check out my website for more information