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Why It Matters

I hear people saying “oh, it doesn’t matter because this or because that”. Does it not matter because you don’t want it to or because it really doesn’t? Almost everything we think, say and do matters. Whether it is a great act of kindness or a simple thought, it all matters in some way.

I see couples nitpicking over trivial things and it turns into an argument that should have been a simple little ant hill. Or parents picking battles with their children that they cannot win without leaving scars that may be difficult to mend. Or people making choices that will have a lasting impact only to satisfy a short term urge. It all matters!

Whether you are a Christian or not isn’t my first question when I speak to you. I want to know what you are feeling¬† and then we can figure out why.¬† Helping you find a balance in your life that will leave you healthy and happy is my goal.

Just remember, there is always a way out/up!