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Overcoming Grief with the Help of Online Therapy

Five Stages of Grief - Online Therapy

No one can prepare you for the inexplicable heartbreak that accompanies grief.

Mourning and grief are natural responses to a number of factors, including:

1. Loss of a relationship

2. Death of a loved one – human or animal

3. Diagnosis of terminal illness

Though all things improve with time, for many, grief can cause an individual to enter a very deep depression.

Generally speaking, a person in mourning will go through five different stages of grief. These don’t necessarily occur in the order listed, and can vary in severity:

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Negotiation
  4. Depression
  5. Acceptance

If you find yourself falling deeper into this dark hole, counseling is one of the most helpful things you can seek out to help you through this difficult time. Though nothing will make the pain go away, a therapist can help you cope with the way your life will change as a result of the triggering news, and how to enjoy your life again.

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Coping Skills: Styles and Strategies for Dealing with Stress

Coping Strategies

Psychological stress is a normal response to events that threaten or upset your body system in some way. Whenever you sense danger, whether real or imagined, the defense mechanism of the body kicks into high gear in an automatic and rapid process referred to as fight or flight or freeze reaction.

Coping occurs as a response to psychological stress with the sole purpose of maintaining emotional and mental wellbeing. Life consists of both negative and positive events such as loss of a job, divorce, marriage, a new job, moving, and many others. These events can constitute life stressors; hence the need for all of us to learn coping skills to help adapt and move on smoothly from one stressor to another.

The thoughts, behaviors, and emotions you use to adapt to the changes occurring in your life are your coping strategies.

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