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Self-Love and Self-Seeking

We live in a culture that emphasizes self-seeking behavior and promises rewards at the end of our endeavors. The message suggests we are not enough… yet. Self-love is the antidote for a society that has lost its way. If we can strip away the complexities and distractions, one can come to the honest conclusion that what we really want is Love.

The good news is we are able to love ourselves at any time. The challenge is that we may have fallen into different patterns of self-seeking that have gathered momentum over time.  For example, if every time I experience pain I end up reaching for a substance I may overlook the reality that my own self-love can heal the pain I am trying to escape.

Therapy and counseling can become distracting as well since there are so many complex modalities and theories available today. At the core of it all, I feel the answer is simply to come back to our true authentic self, which is one with the Love we have been seeking all along.