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ProActive Couples Counseling

Most couples understandably wait until their relationship is on the rocks until they seek outside support. It doesn’t occur to people to consult with a therapist when everything is peachy. So why would/should they?

I’ve coined the term ProActive Couples Counseling to describe a service that will change the outcome of many relationships. By starting off a new relationship with awareness, vulnerability, and intention, couples set themselves up for far more success than they can achieve by simply winging it.

Taking the time to reflect upon hopes, fears, patterns and plans, a couple can create a vision for the future that is realistic and achievable. When we ‘just see how it goes’ and ‘don’t rock the boat’ or decide ‘not to fix something that’s not broken’ we let the unconscious mind drive the vehicle under the influence of ignorance. 

Learning how to communicate effectively, listen deeply, make your partner feel safe and lead with vulnerability rather than venom, creates a solid foundation for the relationship. When people in relationship feel safe, respected and free to make mistakes and fail, there is nothing life can throw at them that won’t lead them back to Love.

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