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I Love for a Living

Therapy has come a long way since Freud. A very looooong way from penis envy, the Oedipal complex, Histrionics (code for women) and free association streaming consciousness. A very important turning point for Psychology was when women entered the field. The hyper-masculine model of psychotherapy has holier-(and-smarter)-than-though men analyzing, diagnosing and supposedly curing mental illness. While some of that is legit, women have really honed in on what healing truly requires. LOVE. Although insight is essential in developing awareness, it is LOVE that heals, transforms and enlightens the path forward.

As a therapist, I consider myself a Professional Lover; meaning I give LOVE for a living. I create a safe, non-judgmental sanctuary for my clients to bring their wounded, ashamed, self-loathing, fearful selves and simply be loved. It goes without saying but must be said that this is NOT romantic love. I’m talking about the unconditional compassion that is symbolized by Quan Yin, Mother Mary and the color pink. How are we to face ourselves, our gnarliest parts, forgive ourselves and others, re-envision who we want to be, move on and empower ourselves to take risks and live with integrity, if we do not have a loving, accepting place to reflect, ask hard questions and generate hope? We all need that cozy nest where it’s safe to say anything, admit anything, try new things out, knowing that you are accepted just as you are. Some of us are fortunate enough to have parents, siblings, friends or coworkers who are able to do that for us. That’s truly miraculous. But many of us need that person so we turn to the professionals. I’m no saint. I have judgments, I have an inner critic, in my personal life. But as a trained professional who happens to be a people-person that can always find the goodness, I give LOVE for a living. It is truly the best job that is most notably misunderstood.

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