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I Don’t Need Counseling!

But, your teen says, “I don’t need counseling!” or “There’s nothing wrong with me!” or “People will think I’m crazy if they find out I am going to counseling!” Now, what?

Answers to “I don’t need counseling”

- Give it three chances, then we can talk more about this.
- It’s a chance for you to have a safe, private place to talk about anything you want.

The Answer to “There is nothing wrong with me!”

- You’re right!

The Answer to “People will think I am crazy if they find out I am going to counseling!”

- You know that you’re crazy, right?
- Counseling is private and confidential. No one needs to know.
- It’ll be up to you to talk about whether you are in counseling or not.

Parents, if your teen will not come to counseling, schedule the appointment anyway. Yes! And, let your teen know you are going to go to counseling with or without them. Let them know you are going to be discussing them.

At Heart and Soul Counseling our experience has often been that teenagers who have refused to go to counseling change their minds when they realize their parents are going without them and their absence is not keeping the conversations about them from taking place. It only means that they will not be included in that conversation! Many teens would rather be in the room if they know they are the topic of discussion!

If they don’t come the first time, schedule again, and let your teen know you are still going even without them. Your teen just might surprise you and jump in the car to go to counseling!

Peggy Ann Serena Hemmer, MSW, LISW-S, Heart and Soul Center