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Getting Back to Baseline

Baseline is your neutral ground; where you feel stable, calm and grounded in your core. Baseline is where you should be operating from most of the time.

Ask yourself, what gets you back to baseline? Some people take a walk, take a few deep breaths, garden, cook, bake, listen to music, do a set of push-ups, take a shower, drink a cup of tea…

What brings you back to baseline is totally unique and personal to you and how you were taught to cope with life as a child. Chances are you inherited some of your parents or siblings’ coping skills. As long as they work and don’t cause harm, they are your skeleton keys to your own stability.

You have to hack your own body/mind to learn how to control your responses. Life is happening every day, for better and worse, and all we can control is how we respond to it. If we know how to bring ourselves back to baseline as quickly and efficiently as possible, we are more stable and calm in general. When we are stable and calm, we feel strong, confident, capable and a little happier. If you don’t know how to get back to baseline, begin experimenting. Try different things and note what works and what doesn’t. Try going outside and getting fresh air. Try drinking a cold glass of water. Try writing down your thoughts and feelings. Try counting backward from 100.

If you can find 2-3 different ways to calm yourself down and clear your mind, you will have control over how you think and feel most of the time. Deep breath, time to go meditate for 10!