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How To Fix Your Relationship In 50 Minutes

Online Relationship Help and Counseling

When a relationship is on the rocks, it can affect many other aspects of your life. Whether it’s a silly fight over who ate the last slice of pizza, or a matter of infidelity, every argument can seem like the worst when it’s between you and your lover.

It’s normal to experience highs and lows in any romantic relationship. When two people get together, there’s no way to avoid bumping heads every now and then. When both partners are willing to work through their problems, though, therapy offers an excellent means towards recovering your romance.

Online therapy and counseling, at the Virtual Therapist Network, offers equally as effective results at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face counseling, with the added convenience of attending sessions directly from your home.

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Online Marriage Counseling: Getting Your Husband Onboard

There are few things as disappointing and painful as a marriage that failed for lack of trying. You knew your relationship was on the rocks, but your husband refused to acknowledge the extent things had reached.

It’s no secret men can be stubborn, especially when it comes to receiving help. Maybe you pleaded day after day for your husband to visit a couple’s therapist with you, but something always seemed to get in the way – time, money, his busy work schedule, or his overall denial of the situation.

When your husband just won’t budge on going to see a marriage counselor, maybe it’s time to bring the counseling home. Online marriage counseling is an easy and immediate alternative to face-to-face counseling that provides comparable results without the cost or effort.

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5 Reasons Online Couples Therapy Works

5 Reasons Couples Counseling Works

It’s perfectly normal for couples with problems to feel trapped in their relationships. However, the situation is made worse by the existence of myths which wrongly paint the success rates of couples therapy and counseling. The major problem affecting couples in dysfunctional relationships is they wait until it’s too late to seek professional help and guidance.

This reduces couples therapy into a dispute resolution session rather than a constructive process aimed at reuniting and fostering a healthy relationship between the couples.

The best perspective couples should have when seeking counseling is to look at their relationship as the client and not their individual personalities. That’s because many couples, particularly the men, view couples therapy as a platform where their relationship weaknesses are exposed and therefore don’t want to participate. For that reason, the partner initiating the counseling process needs to be sincere and non-judgmental in his or her approach and this can potentially affect the other spouse in a positive way.

These Therapists Do Online Couples Therapy

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Online Couples Counseling for a Better Relationship

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling (aka marriage counseling) is widely considered one the best options for people in relationships who may be seeking to improve understanding, intimacy, or even for those considering separation. In this type of counseling, the relationship takes the center stage, but each partner is also taught individually to focus on self-awareness and improvement. In the 1930′s, couples counseling, which was then referred to as marriage counseling, was exclusively reserved for people who were either married or engaged to be married. The main task of the counselors back then was to only educate their clients concerning marriage and family life.

The increase in divorce rates around the 1960s and 1970s led to the emergence of modern couples counseling.

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Affair Recovery: Online Therapy for Infidelity

Infidelity Counseling

Marital infidelity is an act that severely strains a relationship. When one partner has an affair, the other may feel lonely, devastated, betrayed, aggrieved, and confused. Even though the consequences of infidelity often lead to divorce and separation, where the couples are willing, they can instead find a therapist for online affair recovery counseling to help them repair their relationship and even stronger than ever.

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Find a Therapist for Marital Problems

Marital Problems

Couples therapy (also referred to as marriage counseling) is a type of psychotherapy aimed at helping couples recognize and resolve conflicts in order to improve their marital relationships. Depending on the marriage problems driving you to seek therapy, marriage counseling can help you make thoughtful decisions to rebuild your relationship or even part ways amicably where the problems are irreconcilable.

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Online Marriage Counseling: Great for Avoiding Divorce

Online Marriage Counseling

The fact that 50 percent or more of first marriages end up in divorce is no longer a statistic but rather a truism in our society today. For the past 30 years, marriages have become relatively unstable and more vulnerable to factors within and without the control of the couples involved. Most marriage problems end up in divorce due to the seemingly irreconcilable differences between the partners. This has severe ramifications not only for the adults, but the children as well.

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