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Are You Satisfied with Your Relationship? Take the Quiz to Find Out

Are you happy with the relationship you share with your significant other or spouse? Do the two of you bask in your strengths as a couple and successfully tackle weaknesses? If so, you might be well ahead of the game. In truth, many couples often face tons of issues that cause dissatisfaction. Of course, that does not mean your relationship is doomed to fail.

Determining if you are satisfied with your relationship can help you identify weaknesses and work on them together. Once you determine your satisfaction and areas of weakness, you and your partner can decide if it is something you want to work on, or if it is better to go your separate ways. A simple quiz can help you determine your level of satisfaction.

The Satisfaction Quiz

Use a scale between 0 and 6 to determine your level of satisfaction. The scale is as follows:

0 – Very Dissatisfied

1 – Moderately Dissatisfied

2 – Somewhat Dissatisfied

3 – Neutral

4 – Somewhat Satisfied

5 – Moderately Satisfied

6 – Very Satisfied

Using the scale above, rate the following as honestly as possible:

  • Willingness to communicate and be open with one another
  • Ability to resolve conflict and be open with one another
  • Level of affection and caring you offer to one another
  • Ability to share intimacy and closeness in a way that satisfies you both
  • Happiness with your current role in the relationship
  • Happiness with your partner’s current role in the relationship
  • Overall happiness and satisfaction with the relationship as a whole

When you are finished scoring the statements above, total them up. The total will provide you with a score that will determine if you are satisfied with your relationship or not. The scores are as follows:

0-10 – Extremely Dissatisfied with the Relationship

11-20 – Very Disssatisfied with the Relationship

21-25 – Moderately Dissatisfied with the Relationship

If you score above 25, then your relationship is average or above average, and any problems you experience are not beyond the realm of normalcy. In those instances, it should be reasonably simple for the two of you to find a workable solution to your problems. However, if you determine that you are dissatisfied with your relationship, the two of you will need to work on the problem areas.

If you find that you are not satisfied with your relationship and you need additional assistance, it is best to make an appointment with a therapist. A therapist can help you identify problem areas that are causing your dissatisfaction. Furthermore, a therapist can assist you in finding ways to work on those problem areas so you and your significant other can get back on track with a healthy relationship.

Monica Ramunda is a cognitive behavioral therapist with offices located in Louisville and Denver, Colorado for in-office visits. With a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and more than 16 years experience in therapy and counseling, Monica works as both a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Registered Play Therapist (RPT) with adults and children respectively. Much of Monica’s success is based on her eclectic orientation and drawing on a wide range of different approaches and techniques all while remaining strongly grounded in the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Techniques (CBT).